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My Story

For my entire life, I've loved to write. From the moment that I had a grip on the English language, my mind seethed with ideas for stories.
Ever since third grade, I've had a passion for writing novels. I wrote my first "novel" in third grade, which was a Pokémon spin off. It spanned five composition notebooks, with an additional spin off of that spanning two.
I still hold the passion of writing novels close to my heart and I hope to make a profession out of it some day. I know that it's going to be a tough dream to reach, but I know that I can do it.
I also have quite the affinity for anime and manga, and I have the tendency to draw out my characters and store away their stories in my mind and forget them, which is not fun nor productive
Good luck to all of you future authors out there and have fun!


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I will not condemn you for what you did yesterday, if you do it right today.
— Sheldon S. Maye