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hey :)

  • Poetry » Lyrical, Dramatic
    Have You Heard

    A song about sad things forgotten? ...Tear it apart? I WANT TO MAKE IT BETTER.
    Mar 6, 2016
  • Lyrics » Lyrical

    Wrote a song with a story in mind. You can hear a vERY rOUGh version in a link~
    Mar 12, 2016
  • Poetry » General
    Spoiled Rotten

    An ol' napo poem I like. I'm interested to hear what other people think it means.
    May 31, 2016
  • 4

    A writer's insecurities.
    Jun 23, 2016
  • Poetry » Romantic
    Flushed Cheeks

    A poem very different from what I'm used to writing. There's also a pun in there. Send help. 900-9899-CRY
    Aug 17, 2016

On some days, my will to write disappears faster than a donut at a police station.
— Arcticus