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I'm not a grammar nazi. I won't bother correcting your spelling or punctuation. I'll leave that job for the people who seemingly have more time on their hands. I, instead, judge content. I'll comment on your characters, setting and dialogue. I'll be more of a reader than an editor.

I'm not a poetry person. Most poetry I've read in this lifetime has been nauseatingly bad. So if I happen to comment on your piece and admit to liking it, you should feel pretty special. And if I tear it up with critique, you should just remember that I have little tolerance for poetry at all, no matter the form.

And for the record, if I wanted my work edited, I'd find a different site. Though I appreciate any help you can give me, I'd much rather have my work critiqued on content rather than mechanics.


Roleplaying, writing, reading, conversation, history, video games, puzzles, and of course the interest I hold for individual human beings in general.


High School Senior


*Sad football bagpipes*
— DougalOfBiscuits