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I am Peanut, Sarah, Poddy, PeaPea, Mattress-head, BUTTERZ, Pea, PEA, Nut, Spaghetti, Peanuthead, S'gettios, Peacock, Peanutude, peanut face, PF Chang (Peanut Face Chang), Be A Nut, pnt, Elephant, Nuttface, 3.14NUT, Peanutty, Pnizzle, Peaaaa faaaace. NuttyFace, Meanie Peaface, George Washington Carver. Arachis hypogaea, Hummingbird Saltalamacchia, Ovaltine Jenkins, nutbar

Jabber says there will be more so I'm going to add them for the next 3 years.


writing, reading, soccer, acting


writer, student, artist (sort of)

Look closely. The beautiful may be small.
— Immanuel Kant, Philosopher