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my shadow grows taller along with my fears

About Passenger:


You're supposed to write biographies in 3rd person POV, but I'm a rebel.

I'm your average girl, accompanied by a few quirks that you'll immediately become aware of upon meeting me (e.g. reciting movie lines word-for-word, pretending my story characters are real people, maintaining textual indecision about using "lol" or "haha", saying "also" too much, awkwardly repeating your words in song, awarding myself virtual points, imagining the things you say as famous quotes, blurting references you won't understand, leaving for long periods of time without notice, obsessively editing, doling out sarcasm, acting stupidly insecure, laughing too much, not laughing enough, and various others). I am also a ball of stress.

I honestly wish I was better at writing these.

I would probably have more friends.


Writing, Editing, Photography, Art, Soccer, and Music! (Circle the one that doesn't belong!)


Student / Waitress

Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
— Mark Twain