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about me

hello! i'm nollibee and my specialty is poetry! i've been writing ever since i was ten years old on various online rp forums which has ultimately cursed me with an internet addiction but blessed me with a love for writing + experiences i wouldn't have had otherwise. it wasn't until february 2019 that i actually started writing poetry, and what a journey it has been!

my writing tends to lean on the darker side, though not always! my favorite topics are humanity, religion, and identity. i also favor writing narratives through poetry rather than recounting my personal experiences.

i'm very excited to be apart of yws!


anime, pokémon, animal crossing: new horizons, poetry, studio ghibli, musicals, mitski, lana del rey, the dear hunter


a very bad high school student

My culinary streak is in everything that I write.
— LadyBird