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  • got contacts on wednesday and i'm just perpetually >.> <.<

    luxeterna takes about 20 minutes for the removal and installation of said contacts and i feel a little trippy when I only have one in for that amount of time, it's quite the experience
    24 hours ago

  • ki just gto a filing aot the dneitst andnl ii cant feel my face and imy hands noiare verys hsakey i ogst 5 shots of anestheticss

    LadyMysterio Oof <333
    Nov 28, 2023

    OrabellaAvenue Ahh I hate that!!! Feel better soon!!
    Nov 28, 2023

  • we HE are never ever ever getting back together -T.S

    luxeterna LOL Okay
    Nov 27, 2023

  • near midnight happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate ya'll

  • we're discussing the important things rn


  • pad party :]
    KaiaJersaga wrote:Legendary: when I was in here, Ellie wasn't. Does this mean that Ellie actually STEPPED OUT OF HER WFP??? SHOCKING!!!
    AilahEvelynMae wrote:ill be here for a little bit :D


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  • cozy n scrollin de yewers

    while occasionally smacking the screen when the mouse comes into reach


  • YESTERDAY i went ice skating with curly boi and we were super excited because he's never been and CMON ice skating that's super cute and totally fun right? WRONG!!!!!!!!!! don't go ice skating unless you actually intend to learn how to ice skate guys.
    my ankles still hurt.

    Quillfeather It really does kill your ankles maybe y'all should try again though now you know how because it's not hard to pick up the basics. I went ice skating for the first time literally exactly a year ago and I want to go back but never did
    Nov 21, 2023

    luxeterna we've resolved to roller skating :,)
    Nov 21, 2023

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  • ready to bury myself like the worm i am because my dad caught me talking to the plants (;_ _)

    AilahEvelynMae its okay i talk to my plants too because seriously i think it makes them grow better!
    Nov 18, 2023

    Nov 18, 2023

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  • oh sweet weekend relief

    AilahEvelynMae yayyyy :D
    Nov 18, 2023

  • C: #19questionsfor19years
    1 reason you love reading and writing? It's an outlet for me to just release!
    9 adjectives to describe yourself? easily amused, short, creative, empathetic, musically inclined, hug-lover, pleasantly plump, emotional, and passionate

    YWS member shout-out? @FireEyes for being my fellow writer-gusher-hyperfixationer buddy <3
    Early-morning productivity or late-night chaos? LATE NIGHT CHAOS 100% BAYYBBEEEE *sniffle*
    Are you tired? ^y-yeah...
    Reason to smile? my sweet little succulent children :]
    Sweet or spicy? Neither? Sweet simply because I cannot tolerate spice despite being half Mexican :/// Most sweet things are too rich for me and make me feel sick.

    One thing you love about yourself? that I am pleasantly plump! A huggable marshmallow! A comfortable pillow! :.D
    Favorite holiday? Christmas because of the nostalgia it brings with it.

    Weirdest thing you’ve done in public? On those sky tram thingies I used to always scream something random at the person passing by. It was mostly hi or a strange fun fact.
    Raw childhood memory? When I coughed before going underwater in the pool and my grandma leaned over in her chair because she thought I was drowning and the chair tipped over and she fell in and I was excited because ABUELITA NEVER COMES SWIMMING WITH ME!
    If you could have a single magic power what would it be? teleportation oh please so much gas so much time it's all saved i could go anywhere free of cost and i could go see my friends and randomly jumpscare them.
    Travelling or homesick? homesick fo sho. i haaaaaate leaving my cozy home. by home i don't even just mean my house, just the main community of people that i live in and interact with week to week.
    If you were invited to attend Hogwarts, which Hogwarts House would you choose? pls get me away from this place, i dont wanna be here. but if i must pick one then probably a hufflepuff.
    New username? you know, i think this one could be a keeper. but that usually changes upon a late night epiphany of a totally fire username. but i quite like this one.
    Growing up? gottalot left to go

    YWS favorite event? NAPONAPONAPONAPONAPONAPO you know, i think NaPoWriMo could possibly be up there...maybe.
    Age? four months away from being the dancing queen
    Your favorite fictional character created by you? prrrrobably my new D&D character, Pharsa Libelle :] otherwise, just the whole MC cast of my really old book that i never finished rip Tide Goes Out

  • clubs/3068?c=207693 drew my character for those who're interested [:
    luxeterna wrote:Joining my first D&D campaign because it's a combination of everything i like and hopefully i wont fall into a miserable pile of mush and have fun i'm super excited but also nervous :P

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  • AilahEvelynMae ADORABLEEEE
    Nov 17, 2023

    AilahEvelynMae also question- where does your username come from?
    Nov 17, 2023

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  • Liminality Who's your favourite character in Lord of the Flies?

    Is there a period of history you find interesting?

    Nov 16, 2023

    luxeterna My favorite character in Lord of the Flies is probably Simon. I love the symbolism in the book, and he's one of my favorites representing practically the embodiment of being good, and I think it's interesting how they kill him at the peak of the boys' madness. [size]I know it's gruesome but i find it intriguing[/size]

    I've got a lot of periods of history I'm interested in. The Holocaust, American Revolution, or even way back during the times of the Ancient Greeks and Romans because it was a period of such ART and SCIENCE and PHYSICS and everything was just gorgeous (their brutal customs aside heheh)

    Nov 16, 2023

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