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The Godfather is a Christmas movie

  • Week Thirty-Two - Chapter 10.3 - 1131 words a/n: also absolute garbage. sorry. A banditry of chickadees barely kept pace with the car as they returned to the main street. ...

    Apr 17, 2023

  • Day Three (on Day Nine) - this week's LMS as you guys can tell i'm really good at keeping up on what i say . anyways, yeah, i saved 858 ...

    Apr 10, 2023

  • Week Thirty-One - Chapter 10.2 - 1093 Words a/n: ok so, trust me, i know this week's part is not good at all. i thought i could stay on a ...

    Apr 10, 2023

  • NaPoWriMo Archives
    Re: piano keys

    an ode to my piano a/n: I was originally writing this as a short story, and I still plan to write it that way, but I wanted to get a ...

    Apr 8, 2023

  • Day Two (on Day Three) Wrote 235 words today, which is a bit more than the daily goal, so yay! Really excited about that.

    Apr 3, 2023

  • Day One (on Day Two) - this week's LMS Ok ok so, today, I wrote 1087 words within the span of two hours since I had to get it done ...

    Apr 2, 2023

  • Week Thirty - Chapter 10.1 - 1087 Words There was a song stuck in Eduard’s head. Annette Hanshaw’s silvery voice had lulled him to sleep and was there when he ...

    Apr 2, 2023

  • Former Camp NaNo's: July '21 , April '22 , July '22 Writers Corner Thread [summary coming soon] Alright guys, Camp NaNo #4. Let's see if I actually do something this ...

    Mar 29, 2023

  • NaPoWriMo Archives
    Re: piano keys

    an ode to my piano

    Mar 27, 2023

  • NaPoWriMo Archives
    Re: April Madness 2023

    Sign me up!

    Mar 27, 2023

  • Week Twenty-Nine - Chapter 9.3 - 1091 Words “Do you have any siblings?” Ethel asked. She tucked a stray strand of hair that escaped her hairspray behind her ear. One ...

    Mar 27, 2023

  • Week Twenty-Eight - Chapter 9.2 - 1050 Words Maybe Cameron could find proof that George did it. Eduard’s head swung around and scanned the crowd of despair. There was Leo, ...

    Mar 20, 2023

  • April Fools Mod Forums 2023
    Re: BIG Changes to Roleplays

    ^^^ Has anyone ever seen Bob? Also, I know I'm not a roleplay mod, but I have a small suggestion: what if we rename the "Roleplay" tab to the "Bob" ...

    Mar 15, 2023

  • Week Twenty-Seven - Chapter 9.1 - 1182 Words Intricate carvings of flowers spread along the sides of the dark wood casket like vines on a wall. White bouquets covered the ...

    Mar 12, 2023

  • Lounge, The
    Re: New: MOULD

    Congrats you guys!

    Mar 10, 2023

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