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The Godfather is a Christmas movie

  • Thank you @Kaia! 4/14/2024 Words Today: 609 Total Words: 1883 Today's Synopsis : Just a letter from Ethel's father to Eduard. It's a lot of rambling because he's drunk and ...

    Apr 14, 2024

  • Thanks @Spearmint! 4/10/2024 Words Today: 769 Total Words 1274 Today's Synopsis : Eduard asks his mom what she knows about what happened. He sees ( MAJOR SPOILER ALERT ) a ...

    Apr 10, 2024

  • awww thanks so much Carlito! 4/2/2024 Words Today: 505 Total NaNo Words: 505 Today's Synopsis: Eduard is recuperating in the hospital after *the event*. He gets a surprise call from ...

    Apr 2, 2024

  • The Halls of St. Julian's Year Three ^ a collage of some of the 2100+ inages in my st. julian's pinterest board ^ July '21 , April '22 , July ...

    Apr 2, 2024

  • Camp NaNoWriMo
    Re: Camp NaNo April 2024

    Fav Character One Sentence

    Apr 2, 2024

  • Congratulations!!

    Mar 7, 2024

  • The Young-Writers-Society-Ville Map Original Thread Welcome one and all to the grand opening of YWS-Ville! Will you own a beautiful chateau alongside Writers Way? Or a mid-century modern ranch house ...

    Mar 3, 2024

  • Questions and Answers
    Re: Comment how to delete?

    Hey Thebroken! I think only moderators can delete literary comments and reviews (@Spearmint correct me if I'm wrong). I went ahead and deleted your second one. Feel free to contact ...

    Mar 3, 2024

  • Reviewing 101 Workshop Do you want to learn how to write a good review? Do you want to touch up on your reviewing skills? Well, have you come to the ...

    Feb 17, 2024

  • @alliyah, woah, this was a flashback to the past. If it's what the people want, then totally! I'd probably make it a digital version and not a paper one, though. ...

    Feb 16, 2024

  • Happy Holidays!
    Re: YWS Yearbook 2023


    Dec 4, 2023

  • 2022 Welcome, everybody, to the yearly YWS Best and Most Awards! Since it's December (I know, I can't believe it either), now is the perfect time to come together and ...

    Dec 2, 2023

  • Happy Holidays!
    Re: YWS Yearbook 2023

    star icon-spin Table of Content star icon-spin alliyah Spearmint creaturefeature LuminescentAnt OrabellaAvenue teatiime LadyMysterio keystrings AmayaStatham Rose IcyFlame looseleaf Lovestrike soundofm

    Dec 1, 2023

  • Happy Holidays!
    Re: YWS Yearbook 2023

    It's that time of year again--time to write down your favorite memories from the past twelve months and preserve them forever in the 2023 YWS Yearbook! Everyone can make a ...

    Dec 1, 2023

  • 2023 RevMo Banner Contest Winners! Thank you everyone for your patience in waiting for this thread to be posted! It's finally time to announce the winners of the 2023 RevMo ...

    Nov 22, 2023

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