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(Warning:I go by hiraeth on the site, and i suck at introducing myself so this is going to be awkward.)

Things about me:
I'm left handed (and i'm ridiculously proud of it.)

I have a twin (we don't look identical, and our personalities are completely different)

I've got wanderlust.

(lets skip the part where i say i love reading because literally everyone here does :) )

My current top three songs include 'Bad Guy' by billie eilish, 'Loyal To Me' by someone, and 'I think i'm in love again' by Kat Dahlia. (this is likely to change within a week)

My favorite avenger is Iron Man and i tend to forget what happens during that teensy part in Endgame where (spoiler alert!) some dude saves the world from thanos but dies in the process. seriously, who was that again? And don't say Stark cuz Tony's alive.

I think i'll wrap it at that (?)


i'm interested at anything that doesn't involve dancing. or organization.


:) sucking at being a writer

The capacity of human beings to bore one another seems to be vastly greater than that of any other animal.
— H. L. Mencken