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About haywireimagination

I wish I had the courage to post some of my work I have on my Word. I might start one of those chapter by chapter posts, but I don't have a single good idea to share. :/ I wish to write forever, but my ideas stink.


Writing, reading, forests, wolves, minerals, life.


Dreamer, author, (wanna-be) adventurer, gamer, nerd.

"The day, which was one of the first of spring, cheered even me by the loveliness of its sunshine and the balminess of the air. I felt emotions of gentleness and pleasure, that had long appeared dead, revive within me. Half surprised by the novelty of these sensations, I allowed myself to be borne away by them, and forgetting my solitude and deformity, dared to be happy."
— Mary Shelley, Frankenstein