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  • @SpunkyKitty There are sooo many weird laws in the UK. Like you can't clean your doormat after 8pm

    Jul 26, 2021

  • Art & Photography
    Re: sound's art + photos

    Woah! You're art is so good.

    Jul 26, 2021

  • District 12 was known throughout the Capitol for mining coal.

    Jul 26, 2021

  • Serious Discussion and Debate
    Re: Family Names

    How do you refer to your extended and immediate family when you want to get their attention or you mention them in passing? For me, I call everyone by their ...

    Jul 25, 2021

  • Handling salmon in a suspicious manner. Seriously, this is something you can get arrested for in the UK... :smt003

    Jul 25, 2021

  • Serious Discussion and Debate
    Re: Do you believe in god?

    This is a really interesting question and one I love to talk about, but my answers do tend to confuse some people. I believe that there are gods, plural. I ...

    Jul 24, 2021

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work.
— Thomas Edison