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I started to like Writing when I was in year 7. I was way too ambitious to start a book, and it turned out crap! The I tried again twice in year 8, and then again in year 9, in year 10, I tried my year 9 book again, but completed it in... (okay, I started at the begining of janurary, and finished the day before father's day) 243 days?

I then did NaNowriMo and finished with 2 days to spare and 50,002 words (won, but uncompleted). I've also written a chapter a day until I finished another book when I was bored in the holidays. I'm still writing my 4th book, but am planning a sequel to the two books I've finished and am planning to start another.

I entered my first writing cometition last year, 2009, and got publlished but didn't win a prize. I'm planning to enter another...

I'm obsessed with the rubik's cube, and I have (once) completed it with 4 seconds to a minute. I'm getting there.


Science, asking questions, annoying people, annoying my science teacher by asking questions, maths (I know, I'm a nerd), writing, reading, Harry potter, RUBIK'S CUBE!, completing the rubik's cube, HOCKEY!, playing hockey, playing rep hockey, japanese, learning japanese, speaking japanese, reading japanese, writing japanese, telling someone how to complete the rubik's cube with japanese instructions! (While thinking about science and hockey)


Student (year 11)

People ask if I ever experience writer's block and I just have to laugh... that's my default position.
— Aaron Sorkin