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About Ariana Simone

Well let's get this straight: I LOVE CATS and I'm a vegetarian.

I am very, very sensitive and also incredibly indecisive. I'm offended easily and tend to be easily saddened. On the other hand, certain things, such as animals (cats) can usually lift my spirits up.

I wish-people would not abuse animals and the environment, or each other, or at least put that at a minimum.

I'm not sure of what I want to be when I get older, but I hope am someone who touches other people's lives (for the better).

I enjoy writing, reading, (if it is something I like), being with my family and pets and telling jokes.

I have somewhat of an interest in the political spectrum but can't seem to place myself into a category or political views.

Perhaps I am anti-violent, or just a "tree hugger", as my family would say.

As a person, I am very introverted and socially uncomfortable. I find myself most comfortable on the Internet where I feel able to speak my mind and not be criticized.

Some of the things I dislike are animal abuse, neglect and torture, horror movies and despicable amounts of gore. I'm also not a fan of parents with very obnoxious children and people with a holier than thou attitude.

On top of that, I can't stand people who walk around everywhere with their stupid iPhones and can't put their precious iPhone for a second and have a conservation.

I dislike rude, bratty, just awful kids and people who prey on the weaknesses of others.

I'm not big on drug use or alcohol use and I can't stand war.

Racism and bigotry- I think it's idiotic, immature and utterly pathetic.

As I said before, I LOVE CATS, people who care for animals, heartwarming animal rescue stories. In addition, I appreciate those who dedicate their life to making the life of other people better and worth living.

Peace (although impossible) is something that I do like.

I enjoy watching and trying ballet, even though I'm not very good myself.

People tell me that I smile too much, and others say that I look sad, worried and confused. (I do find myself very confused snd sometimes forgetful).

•In addition, for some reason, even if I am in walking around in the store going grocery or clothes shopping, I find myself extremely dizzy. I feel like any minute I'm going to pass out (although I haven't since fifth grade).

•I have a tendency of completing unusually stupid actions, forgetting directions and becoming confused and lightheaded.

•There are definitely some odd and unusual obsessions and tendencies I have. For example, I can't stand pencil sharpeners that are full, or messy handwriting and dull pencil points.

•Well what more can I say? I have a scattered brain, extreme dizziness, and am not particularly gifted. However, I try my best to be the brightest and "best" person I can be (whatever that means). :)


Ballet Poetry Gymnastics Figure skating Animals My family


Writing poetry, watching ballet, listening to classical music.

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.
— Mark Twain