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feelin' groovy after all these years

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Stay groovy, my friends

I'm a mythical, musical, and magical wolf who prances 'round the Storybook forums of YWS and nestles in the crooks of good novels and short stories 'til they vanish from the room of emerald. I don't have much time anymore to do my usual junior moderator duties, but you'll still see me around in various SBs and posting songs of the day for whoever will listen.



I'm a proud Catholic and God is #1. Runners up include Simon & Garfunkel, guitar, drawing, painting, reading, Lonesome Dove, the Old West, dachshunds, doggos, puppers, wolves, nature, Nancy Drew games, and YWS. I'm an old soul when it comes to music, and my favorite genre is historical fiction.


A storybooking wolf who types with her paws. It's quite time-consuming, mind you!

Love is so short, forgetting is so long.
— Pablo Neruda