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    Re: Writing Plays

    THAT TEACHER KNOWS WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT! I've started hundreds of nvoels and plays. The only things I've finished are plays. Just pick a scene and start writing. It may ...

    Oct 17, 2006

  • Fanfiction Short Stories
    Re: STAR WARS: Phantoms and Shadows

    Um...I love SW. And I can see that, while being unconventional, you're sticking to some basic structure; title, space, start with an action scene. But, you have to remember that ...

    Oct 17, 2006

  • Welcome Mat
    Re: Hello, all

    I'm a former member...or, well, someone whose recently come back. I'm wondering if any of me ol palo's are still on. In particular, Crysi, Meshugen, Firebird? Thanks for the help

    Oct 8, 2006

  • I guess that's my question. I recently had the fantasy bug rekindled. I'm wanting to start again, but have forgotten a lot. Any ideas?

    Oct 6, 2006

  • Umm...I don't have too many suggestions. It is really good. Keep at it, old friend.

    Oct 6, 2006

  • Umm....hello, dadee, Capan Taurpals...mesa back! Does anyone still know me?

    Oct 6, 2006

  • Writing Activities
    Re: Character Conversations

    Wandwaver wonders what the heck is going on and prepares to leave. OHH!!! Cookies, huh, Emma?

    Aug 6, 2005

  • I don't think that's going to happen. Man, if evil wins in this series, I'm going to be so....angry. I think RAB is Black's brother, but maybe not. IF Voldy ...

    Aug 6, 2005

  • Man, o man, was this a treat! Got it opening day, and finished day after! Here's my rants and raves. First off, I had no clue that Snape was the ...

    Jul 19, 2005

  • Lounge, The
    Re: hey guys

    Sorry for not being on lately. My modem got infected with SpyWare! Oh well. Less posting, more writing.

    Jul 5, 2005

  • didn't see it...oh well.

    Jun 22, 2005

  • that is....sadly, accurate. Very good.

    Jun 22, 2005

  • Ok, gang, Nate's appointed a couple of stand-ins for the summer; Firestarter and Galatea (did I spell that right?)!!!!!! So, here's a thread to welcome them in their new positions, ...

    Jun 22, 2005

  • Art & Photography
    Re: Custom Avatars!

    What do you mean by style of dragon? I'm sorry, but this thread doesn't load well on my pc, so I haven't been able to read all of it.

    Jun 22, 2005


    Jun 22, 2005

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