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About Ze Fabulous Moi. :3

A bio?
Well, Okayy.

So the first thing that you should know is that I am TERRIBLE at writing about myself. (Anything else sure... but when the topic of me comes up I'll head for the hills) Or writing anything to do with myself so If I start babbling or going off about something completely unrelavent that doesn't make ANY sense it's because I don't know what else to say.
Now, where to start?

Well, My name is Montana (like the state in America... but pronounced differently- I guess my parents didn't want to be too mainstream ). I live in Wonderlan- *remembers I am being NORMAL/serious person... temporarily* Australia. I live in Australia. The land Down Under and all that jazz! We have kangaroos, and meat pies, AND HUGH JACKMAN XD

I'm not the best writer or artist in the world (actually, most of the stuff I draw probably looks like a three year old got a hold of some pencils and most of my writing tends to go though a lot of go-and-then-stop phases before anything actually gets done...) but I like writing (thus, I joined this site!) and art. I also like reading (just about anything) and and watching whatever random movies I can get my hands on!


Reading, Writing (duh!), music, meeting new people, hanging with friends, talking to randoms, Pacman, bacon, playing monopoly with my sister (it's like a tradition with us), Japanese food, Thai food, lots of different food, lists, anime, Pokémon, role-playing, shopping, Mario, birthdays, Disney (you're never too old!), Theme Parks, Astrology, Greek Mythology, Study Periods, Travelling, History, Food... and, um, a ton of other stuff I have undoubtedly forgotten to write! ~-O


Student. Writer. All time crazy person. :) That sort of stuff. ~-O

Lice on rats on a horse corpse on fire.
— John Oliver