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  • The short stories and narratives Writers Pad will be posted tomorrow 7:30 am

  • People say the greatest writers are people like Agatha Christie and William Shackspere.
    They are incorrect the greatest writers are the people who write the Friends scripts.

  • I’m just gonna be writing here today.

  • The short stories and narrative jam has been moved to the 7th of April now! Sorry.

  • avianwings47
    Mar 31, 2024


    Tambo Hi!
    Mar 31, 2024

  • Hey, welcome to YWS!!

    Tambo Thanks!
    Mar 31, 2024

  • Hopefully you guys join us!


    EllieMae Will this be at 7:30 am or pm? :D
    Mar 31, 2024

    Tambo The link will be posted 7:30 AM
    Mar 31, 2024

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  • Spearmint
    Mar 31, 2024

    Welcome to YWS!! :D

    Tambo Oh thanks, nice to meet you. My names Tambo. I enjoy writing and reading short stories and narratives. What do you like writing?
    Mar 31, 2024

    Spearmint Hey Tambo! I'm Spearmint, or mint! ^-^ I enjoy writing fantasy and sci-fi stories and novels, although I'm also super excited to write a lot of poetry this April for NaPo :P I'm a huge fan of roleplaying here on YWS too, haha. (Roleplaying is like collaborative writing, where each person writes their own character interacting with other people's characters.)
    Mar 31, 2024

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  • Found the perfect place to write


    Ley That’s beautiful :D
    Mar 31, 2024

    Tambo Yeah, it is. I only come up to the mountains once or twice a year.
    Mar 31, 2024

  • Just finished NaPo!
    It was really fun! Looking forward to the next one! :D
    Have a great day/night

    Youbeaucupid Hey Tambo, NaPo is actually for the whole of next month haha! (April) :D We just threw a party -for- NaPo! Hope that wasn't confusing xD (Was so cool to get to hang out with you though!! <3<3)
    Mar 30, 2024

    Tambo Yeah it was. :D
    Mar 30, 2024

  • Wooo yay to a review star! It looks splendid on you! :D

    Tambo Thank you very much. I don’t even know how I got it. :D
    Mar 30, 2024

    EllieMae From doing reviews :D Great job!
    Mar 30, 2024

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  • welcome!

    Tambo Thanks! My name is Tambo. Nice to meet you.
    Mar 30, 2024

    herbalhour i'm herb! nice to meet you! what kind of writing do you do?
    Mar 30, 2024

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  • Hey guys!
    Here’s my writers pad link. :D

  • Welcome to YWS!

    Hello, Tambo!

    The Young Writers Society is an amazing place for writers, readers, and creative minds! We're so happy to have you, and I hope you're enjoying the site so far!

    My name is Ley, and I'm a Junior Moderator here on YWS. I specialize in Roleplays, but I'm also more than willing to answer any general questions you have about the site, how to navigate it, or make things easier for you in general. Here's the Meet the Team tab where you can view all of the other active moderators (anyone in green) and the forums that they are responsible for. If you have any questions about poetry, you can private message a moderator on the Poetry Team!

    Here are some quick links for you to utilize/look at whenever you get a chance! :D

    Here on YWS, we publish works with a points system! You will automatically start off with some points, but once you run out, you'll need to review other writer's works in order to gain them back! Here are some Review Tips to help you get started!

    Let me know if you have any questions! You can always PM me by clicking that little mailbox icon at the top help bar of the screen. To reply to this message, just click the tiny arrow in the bottom right corner of this wall post. ;)

    I wish you the best of luck in all your writing endeavors, and hope to see you 'round!

    With Love,
    Ley Roleplay JM :smt023

    Tambo Thanks for taking the time to write this warm welcome!
    :D Sorry for the late response.

    Apr 3, 2024

I just want to be the side character in a book that basically steals the whole series.
— avianwings47