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...Dinosaurs. I really like dinosaurs.

About TaciturnPhantom

I am a very shy and quiet person. I have been told that I have a sarcastic and observational sense of humour. But I do not understand sarcasm most of the time and I do not know how I can be funny. I have severe sensori-neural hearing loss in both ears and I have to wear two hearing aids. Sensori-neural hearing loss is when your cochlear(s) are damaged and/or the hair cells in the cochlear(s) are damaged. I may have to have surgery to wear cochlear implants in the future.

I like order and routine; the dark and quietness; playing the drums (I take out my hearing aids when I play); studying Nazi Germany, dinosaurs and infectious diseases; the colour black (black is my favourite colour). I dislike crowds; disorder and chaos; bright colours and loud sounds (they hurt me); being touched (light pressure and tapping aggravate me most); skin contact (this hurts me too); eye contact and tall buildings/structures.

I started writing before I began to speak as a way of expressing myself. I did not speak until I was five years old. My parents have told me that I did speak but it was only to recite the names of dinosaur species. I never made sounds if I laughed either. I only smiled.

I have begun to write poetry every now and then but I have low confidence in writing poetry. I like to write free verse poetry. I am currently working on a novel revolving around a deaf character in a zombie apocalypse. I hope to finish it by the end of this year and perhaps have it published.

If I do not respond to you in a thread or in PM, I'm not ignoring you. Either, I haven't noticed that you've spoken to me, my internet has gone, my inbox isn't working or I don't know how to respond. I have social and communication difficulties that impair my ability to understand, respond and speak to people - Asperger Syndrome (a form of mild autism). I also may have ADHD.

"Es lebe die Freiheit!" - Hans Scholl
"Long live freedom!"


Reading and writing; playing the drums; maths; dinosaurs, dinosaurs...and more dinosaurs


GCSE student

Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.
— Albus Dumbledore