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Me: the Book Worm

The name of this user is secret.
Only kidding. Most people call me Gabby. I'm a Hufflepuff, love to read and write, love to go on adventures and listen to music. I'm a total Whovian and I love to read Lemony Snicket, Agatha Christie, and so many other authors that if I listed them all, you would all be bored out of your minds before you reached the bottom of my bio.
I like to have fun and my specialties in school are English and Math. I hope to someday go into publishing and editing and authoring.
I'm not really sure what kind of editor I am, but I am sincerely sorry if I'm too harsh on anyone.
Well, without further ado, I wish good luck to all my fellows on this website. Happy writing!


Books, football, softball, TV shows, food, Russian, etc.



When all think alike, no one is thinking very much.
— Walter Lippmann