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  • Short Story » Science Fiction, Dramatic
    Tick Tock

    In a future where people are staying younger for longer, the clock still runs out for everyone.
    Mar 26, 2016
  • Short Story » Teen Fiction, Realistic
    Birthday Cards

    Surprises arise when a teen meets her relatives in Mexico for the first time.
    Sep 10, 2017
  • Short Story » Narrative, Lyrical
    The Chase

    Two siblings squabble over a treasure hidden in a cornfield. -- It is human nature to want, to chase, to destroy and to make mistakes.
    Aug 5, 2018
  • Short Story » Narrative, Realistic
    Solitary Confinement.

    If you had that chance to escape, would you? (My first assignment for creative writing :])
    Sep 9, 2018
  • Script » Film, Teen Fiction
    Sunday-Funday; OPENING SCENE

    First draft of my assignment for creative writing class! Planning on this being the opening scene of a young adult comedy. Reviews needed BIG TIME.
    Oct 4, 2018
  • Short Story » Realistic, Dramatic
    A Candy Seller's Misfortune.

    So there's an old pic of my Grandpa I lOVE of him as a teen running a candy cart. I've always said I'd write a story based on it. Well, I finally did!
    Dec 28, 2019
  • Short Story » Action / Adventure, Dramatic
    A Dark and Most Unpleasant Place.

    This is what anxiety feels like to me. What does it feel like to you?
    May 22, 2020
  • Poetry » Romantic, Lyrical
    It's not me, It's You.

    Let me know in the comments if you can relate
    Mar 23, 2022
  • Poetry » General, Lyrical
    Hey...how was ur day?

    Let me know if you relate! :)
    Mar 12, 2023
  • Novel / Chapter » Narrative, Romantic
    "Not Today but Someday" Chapter

    Chapter from a novel I'm working on called "Not today but Someday." In this chapter I try and dive a bit into my narrator's backstory/childhood.
    Mar 15, 2023
  • Short Story » Humor

    Just taking a pretty sour situation the world was going through, and attempting to make some lemonade that hopefully doesn't suck. Reviews welcome :)
    Mar 1, 2022

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