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A Tidbit About Me

Hola, the name's Desirée, and I'm just another one of those silly weirdos.

Truly, I'm most silly and weird when I'm bored or tired ...which I'm now just realizing is the majority of the time. However, the temporary cure to my boredom usually involves something either writing/reading related, or playing with my trusty lil' yoyo while simultaneously chewing gum and drinking tea related.

Anyways, when I am writing, I usually most enjoy scribbling down stories of the medieval/historical and fantasy genres; same actually goes for what I like to read.
I like to write short stories, and I'm currently working on a novel, but I actually find myself writing poetry/lyrical stuff a bit more because it's quicker and easier for me to write.
So yeah that's a bit 'bout me I guess.
Pretty yawn worthy I know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Writing, reading, guitar, ukelele, video games (nintendo), Sherlock, Marvel, DC, Twenty One Pilots, Disney.


Chewing gum and drinking tea

Only the suppressed word is dangerous.
— Ludwig Borne