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    Re: art!

    Okay, but that is a giant ball of yarn and I have to wonder if it's extra bulky or something, because WOW.

    Oct 9, 2023

  • That's a decent chunk of words done!! 5k+, woooo! Good job. :)

    Jul 31, 2023


    Jul 31, 2023

  • AHHHHHHH. I... am probably not going to finish this chapter by tomorrow, lol. My daughter is desperate to read book 4 now, so I basically edited the first half for ...

    Jul 30, 2023

  • - I finished the scene that I had been working on! - then... I got distracted. My daughter finished the third book and she really wants to read the fourth ...

    Jul 26, 2023


    Jul 25, 2023

  • HE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS A NEW (UNLIKELY) ALLIANCE. AHHHH. ... on a related note, I wrote a lot last night. I also trimmed a lot of the old stuff that ...

    Jul 23, 2023

  • Okay!!! We are back home!!!!!!!!! My word count so far is slightly over 9000 (IT'S OVER 9000!!!!) so considering that I've been traveling for weeks across the country... were going ...

    Jul 22, 2023

  • Last day of vacation!!! Anyway, enjoy this completely out of context quote: Cyrus stared at him in disbelief. For a minute, Cyrus wasn't sure what to say. Then his face ...

    Jul 22, 2023

  • Okay...I think I got the first part of the conversation down. It is confusing and a little scattered, but frankly, it was always going to be confusing and a little ...

    Jul 15, 2023

  • Well, I've been visiting family this week, so my words count has been pretty pathetic, lol. I'm kind of struggling on this one part... there are supposed to be two ...

    Jul 12, 2023

  • All right. I haven't updated this for several days, but I have about 4500 words now. Though, I think it's going in the wrong direction... I'll look at it in ...

    Jul 6, 2023

  • OKAY. I rewrote my entire outline for the chapter! It looks DIFFERENT. But let me tell you, it has everything. Major plot twists, thrilling moments, lots of action, unlikely miracles... ...

    Jul 3, 2023

  • You are AMAZING. I didn't sleep well last night and I was ridiculously lazy today, haha.

    Jul 2, 2023

  • Haha, but the internet is funnnnn! ANYWAY. I haven't done a lot of writing today... mostly daydreaming, BUT. WHAT IF. L plays more important role??? Have the alliance with L ...

    Jul 2, 2023

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