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god's not dead

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Snazzy is currently a senior in high school who enjoys playing her clarinet, euphonium, and piano in her school’s concert, jazz, pep, and marching band. She also enjoys obsessing over prose poetry and pretending she can write prose poetry or poetry at all.

She hopes to one day major in Music Education so she can teach High School students her love of music like her band director(s) did for her!

If you need to, you can find her in the band room or walking around a random neighborhood with her earbuds in so she can think!


Band, Music, Creative Writing, Walking, Church, petting her her teacup chihuahua Hershey, and isolating herself in her room where school and life can’t find her!


part time band geek and full time worrier

I know history. There are many names in history, but none of them are ours.
— Richard Siken