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Hello. Quite simply, I enjoy writing of the more grim genre.

You can call me Sheiky. To sum it up, I enjoy video games, indulging myself in mysteries and horrors, tales of murder. My art is a hobby, but still loved. I fiddle on violins and flutes. When not lazing around, I have guarded what I wrote. But now I'm deciding to try and see if the world enjoys my tales.

You can find me on other various sites such as this, under the same name. The stories most likely won't vary however, and what's put here, will be placed there.

* Reddit;
* Deviant-Art;
* Writerscafe;
* Wattpad;


Video games, drawing, writing of course, playing violin and flute, reading horror and mystery

Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back, everything's different?
— C.S. Lewis