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"you really do have the diet of a 7 year old with a liquor license" ~ Atticus

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Wat up nerdz

You may know me as the resident Fish Master, Choas Queene, Randomosity God, Spam Lord, or simply bio nerd. I used to have a serious about page but then decided to take a page out of my wifey's book and turn this into a quote book instead~

"every time i think of shady i think of fish" - spatula

"big brain Shady, getting bigger and brainier" - Liminality

"the more we talk the more i think you are a reptile in a trenchcoat" - Atticus

"u and rina are systematically watering down the grammar of yws" - Atticus

"Yess you're the literal definition of fuck around and find out lol" - Omni

"Shady's wall is now the Randomosity forum in a nut shell" - alliyah

"wat do u mean shady shitposting is ur full time job" - rina

"it needs like timestamps to the second so we can all see how it took shady approximately 0.0001 seconds to say ur mom xD" - Mea

"I can just picture KK on a pirate ship and Shady yelling 'LMAOOO HO'" - Atticus

"shady consider yourself blocked" - Atticus

"pls don't break the site while I'm asleep, I wanna be awake for the grand takeover that I'm p sure shady and rina are plotting" - Atticus

"Shady, I think my brain took notes from yours because I had a fucking vivid, violent dream last night too." - SpiritedWolfe

"i got shady to rp and [they] got u to rp.... is rp a pyramid scheme?" - rina

"I think shady and i accidentally started a cult" - rina

"shady p much subsists on pizza at this point" - Atticus

"shady let's beat up veer now" - rina

"I can already hear shady yelling about internet safety in the distance" - rina

"vypsies ur not emo u have pink hair" - veersies

- veteran ur mom joker, silver certified -

"ur already a big kid scientist in my eyes" - veersies

"i feel like rping is like a muscle
and you're a body builder" - SpiritedWolfe

"please never use proper grammar again, shady" - SilverNight

"From the fish mother to the fish death god. Quite some polar opposites." - lehmanf


Fish, Biology, YA Fiction, Pets





Sometimes poetry is inspired by the conversation entered into by reading other poems.
— John Barton