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Hi, I'm Pride, but on here you can call me Scarlet/Scar if you prefer.
I'm a 14 year old Artist and Student, I'm mostly anti-social and don't interact with people unless I'm forced too, or my friend invites me over. I don't have many friends but I have 1 good one. I love to write, even though I'm not that great at it YET.

I'm an amateur Writer+Artist+Music-Maker.

About Me: I'm a tom-boy, and I'm kind of emo,
I'm the girl who'd you see sitting in the back of class with an ugly old army-green jacket or a grey hoodie, scribbling notes, completely unaware of the world.
I don't really get into trouble that much, I'm a teachers pet, and parents favorite, I make Straight A's, I do my chores. I make sure my rooms clean, I'm tidy mostly.
I do have my flaws, I won't start fights, but if anyone messes with me or ANY of my friends, I snap.
In the past I have gotten into fights at school, but only in self-defense.
I use to be the one who got bullied but now I'm the one who knocks the bullies stupid.
I have anger issues, Lol Also I tend too be blunt and once I get to know you I'm not afraid of stating my true opinion, and I can be unintentionally rude. I'm not all bad though, I'm nice enough, and extremely loyal, I'd do anything for my friends and family. [Except for a few people in my family}

Fav Music: I LOVE music, Mostly Rock both Metal and Pop-Rock,
Three Days Grace, Nine Lashes, Thousand Foot Krunch, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, or Punk-Rock like Icon For Hire, Pretty Reckless, Paramore, HaleStorm, In This Moment, NickleBack, Shinedown, Skillet, Disturbed, KoRn, Green Day,Papa Roach, ect.

I love the Percy Jackson Series and The Red Pyramid, anything to-do with Greek, Roman or Egyptian mythology and Mystery horror books, Horror, Realistic Fiction, Also the WarriorCat series by Erin Hunter is AMAZING. The Last Apprentice is another one of my favorite series. Cirque Du Freak: A Vampires Assistant, The Poisoned House and The Ghosts of GreyLock hall are also VERY good books, Caroline is also good.

(ALSO: I love The Walking Dead, @ PewdiePie, Markiplier, Smosh, Shane Dawson, I loved the movie Divergent, and I AM AN EXPERT ROLLPLAYER....ROLLPLAYING...IS...MY...LIFE. I love Creepypasta, Collecting Rocks,Shells,Coins ect.

Favorite Animes include: Swords Art Online, Blue Exorcist, Fruits Basket, Modoka Magica, Oraun Highschool Hostclub, and MY BY FAR FAVORITE...IS...DeathNote. (BEST ANIME EVAH.) I also Love Ghost Adventures, EPIC SHOW LOVE IT.

Favorite Writers/Artists: Joseph Delaney, Stephen King, Cornelia Funke,Darren Shan, Michael Ford,Simon Scarrow,Dan Poblocki, THOUGH my all time favorite would be Rick Riordan {Those are all book-writers} Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso {Artists}

Dress Style: I dress plainly, i don't like flashy clothing and prefer dark colors, or Reds and Greys. I HATE dresses and fancy clothing, i usually have my hair down, but i do sometimes put it up, i don't wear makeup and i usually just wear earnings nothing special. I am a tomboy after all, Heh.

Also: I like having a close bond with my teachers and parents, not only does it prove useful from time to time, but it's like a comfort thing. I love the outdoors but instead of my backyard, I'd prefer open space like a forest, meadow, or plains. Unlike most kids i love school, and am VERY determined to go to college and get my degree, i stride for success.

My Hero: Include. . .Albert Einstein, Stephen King, Rosa Parks, Cleopatra {Profound Woman Ruler}


I have too many to fit on here, you ask me I'll tell you.


Student,Writer,Artist,Music-Maker Future Occupation: Exotic Veterinarian, I wish to peruse the career of veterinary medicine AND I do plan on joining the Army of Air-Force its always been a plan of mine.

Uh, Lisa, the whole reason we have elected officials is so we don't have to think all the time. Just like that rainforest scare a few years back: our officials saw there was a problem and they fixed it, didn't they?
— Homer Simpson