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About Saichi

I am a simple nerdy teenage girl, who still thinks it's cool to pokemon battle. Yes.

I'm absolutely obsessed with anime and completely fan girl over the vast majority of good looking animated boys that come from them. ;; Freak. Yes, yes I am. c:

I love to draw, and attempt to write stories of which is part of the reason I created this account.
Visiting Japan is on my bucket list. Not that that's important. :x

I'm entirely indecisive and don't like making rash decisions.

I don't usually like sweets, such as chocolate.

I'm obsessed with reptiles and Disney movies happen to be amazing. c8

Thank you for reading my boring facts. c:

"You're wrong about humanity. They are your greatest creation because they're better than you are. Sure, they're weak, and they cheat and steal and destroy and disappoint, but they also give and create, and they sing and dance and love. Above all, they never give up."
— Metatron