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Hi my name is kind of like a boys name so dont laugh I didn't name myself, it's Chanler Peyton Cook there happy thats the only things about me I hate other words I have long light brown hair, dark blue eyes, I guess I'm average hieght for my age, and I have braces but am getting them takin of in 2 weeks I can't wait, I love to write, I'm curently not seeing anyone, and I live at the beach so Iguess you could say I have a tan, no freckles, skinny, and I love soft ball, football (smeer the queer), soccer, basketball, and kickball!!!

I spent alot of time in the hospital when I was younger thats when I started writting now I can't stop!!!

A Change Once here on Young Writers Society, in chat, chickens wanted variety. They complained to Nate and after debate became funky orangutans silently.
— Mea