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About LowKey

Currently living in Washington State, finishing up my last year of my Bachelor's degree in World Religions. In my free time I like to read, write, and crochet. My favorite games of the electronic variety would probably be Zelda, Minecraft, Halo, and Mario.

My favorite TV show is by far, without challenge, Stargate SG-1 with Dexter being a close second and House and Misfits coming in at a close third. My favorite book series would probably be the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, and my favorite authors are Carol Berg, Robin Hobb, and Sarah Douglass. I'll read almost any comic book you give me, but I love post-apocalyptic stories, or the aftermaths of a plague of some sort. Think Walking Dead and Y: The Last Man. I'm currently taking a year of Autobody at Tri-Tech skills center. Love every minute of it. I attend the Unitarian Universalist church and love mingling with the various faiths we find there.


Drawing, Swimming, World History, Fairy tales, ASL, Philosophy, Astronomy, Guitar, Psychology, and stuff.


I read stuff.


Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness
— Allen Ginsburg