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September 2015- Reads Sword Art Online: Aincrad (vol 001)

September 2015- Aggressively Binge-Watches Seasons 1 & 2 of SAO in two days.

September 2015-January 2016- Reads SAO: Aincrad (vol 002), SAO: Fairy Dance (vol 003 & 004), and SAO: Phantom Bullet (vol 005)

July 2016- December 2016- Reads SAO: Phantom Bullet (vol 006), SAO: Mother's Rosario (vol 007), and SAO: Early and Late (vol 008) (a collection of short stories, including "Safe Haven Incident", "Calibur" and a never-animated story called "Day of Beginnings")

June 2016- Reads SAO: Alicization Beginning (vol 009)

June 2016- First hears rumors of a potential SAO Season 3

February 2018- Reads SAO: Alicization Running (vol 010) and SAO: Alicization Turning (vol 011)

March 2018- Reads SAO: Alicization Rising (vol 013)

March 2018- Learns of confirmation of SAO Season 3!

Future aspirations/Six-Month Plan- Read SAO: Alicization Dividing (vol 013) (expected English publication date: 04/24/2018) and Alicization Uniting (vol 014) (expected English publication date 8/21/2018) and start watch SAO season 3 (airing in October)


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It takes as much imagination to create debt as to create income.
— Leandro Orr