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  • Happy Birthday!

  • winterwolf0100
    Apr 1, 2023

    Happy birthdayyy!! I hope you have a great day!


    the benefits of writing screenplays is your director and other collaborators will provide input, so as much as i didnt like my original vision getting screwed with, they tempered my worst tendencies as a writer and brought out the best of my writing (it even brought out a most realistic side of my writing i didnt even know i had in me) so that is very very bussin

  • Happy new year everyone. I hope 2023 will start out BUSSIN for you

  • ngl just chillin in college, moved away from prose fiction to do comic and film scripts

    still love yall (including those who came in after I went inactive, and especially those from back then who are still here <33 ) I hope you all have some fantastic days ahead

  • perhaps sociology and philosophy are the two fields the writer must master (or at least get a solid grip of) if they want to make works that have their finger on the pulse of society

    WeepingWisteria I’d also recommend writers mastering psychology so their characters are more than just words, they become fully-fledged people.
    Sep 22, 2022

    Kazumi that's good too
    Sep 24, 2022

  • EsmerayaRose
    May 11, 2022

    Aoi happy cake day!!!!!

  • Starve
    May 11, 2022

    Ayo happy cake day n shi

  • IcyFlame
    May 11, 2022

    Happy Cake Day! 🍰

  • Amy Dunne from Gone Girl as brought to life by Gillian Flynn, David Fincher, and Rosamund Pike is one of the most terrifying villains of all time.

    Starve Rosamund Pike is the best.

    The only reason I watched wheel of time, and consequently ended up reading the books

    May 8, 2022

  • PaigeFantasy
    May 5, 2022

    when you get an idea while doing school and it messes your focus up and you wanna write it but at the same time you wanna do school but the idea overwhelms you and you are like “just a little note about it…” and you write like 100 words of like a synopsis

  • I want to focus on writing so I can catch up with my peers, but at present it has fallen upon me to run my household (the parents are very busy). Unfortunate, you know. My peers probably have the privilege of having their house presently be in order and such so that all they have to do is study and make fiction.

    oh well I'll probably just schedule 30 minutes of writing before i do any other kind of work AAAAA

    Liminality Good luck, pal! I'm sorry things seem so busy now but I really admire your determination to set aside time for doing what you love!
    Jun 14, 2022

  • Forgive me for breaking the first and second rule, but Fight Club (movie and book) has to be one of my favorite stories of all time. An anti-establishment nightmare through and through written with some of the sharpest, most memorable contemporary prose.

    I am Kazumi's Welling Feeling of Artistic Inspiration.

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