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About Joeducktape

I was born to two cute parents on Abraham Lincoln's B-day. I was precocious and cute for a while, but that kind of wore off. I was homeschooled (YEAH!) until 8th grade (Watch out! She's socially inept!) I currently attend a boring and frustrating private school with my amazing and undeserved friends.
Other fun facts:
I am extremely flexible.
I have anger problems....... :)
Swinging inspires me, as does snow.
Dating is dumb... for now.
I'm not sarcastic... at all!


Writing (shocking, I know), music, ACTING!, bugging/scaring/humoring my friends.


FRESHMAN! private school student/part-time superhero

Once I had asked God for one extra or two extra inches in height but instead he made me as tall as the sky, so high that I could not measure myself.
— Malala