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Oh gosh! Hello

I am Ashtheawesome12401 I decided to get a new account bc I was cringing on my old one

THEY / THEM, please

Anyways 2020 version of about me:
Hi, I'm Ashtyn or Icarus. I can't decide which name suits me better anymore. I am a college student studying anthropology and creative writing. I grew up on YWS as you can see from my old bio above, and you can find my old account. Let's pretend that's not there. Anyways, uuuuuh just come talk to me, I'm really awkward at first but I do warm up.

Oh and have a goofy drawing of my bff and I haha.


Memes, Art, Writing, Different cultures, sleeping


I just lost my job as a cashier, but I am a tutor and an Mturk worker.

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.
— Henry David Thoreau