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All About Andy

I want a black cat!

My pitbull, Sheena, is my best friend and I hate that stereotypical rep pits get. She's is the best dog I've ever had. She's never tried to hurt me because she's the laziest dog I've ever ever met.

I love to write although sometimes I don't feel like its good enough to share, it's nice to get things off my chest when writing.

I love to read. Mostly about supernatural creatures and such. I will spend my whole weekend reading one book if I don't finish it in one day that is.

I would die without music. All kinds are my favorite. It's not just about the words of the songs, it's the beat of the music to me. My musical style ranges according to my mood.
From country, to Kevin Gates to PTV or SWS or BVB ! My musical mood swings are out there

I can be so weird its not even funny but I mean who isn't weird at least once in their life.

I am a terrible speller at times and I am so sorry! I just get too ahead of myself and forget to proof read.

I can talk a lot so if I ever talk to much just tell me to hush, but I'm really really shy!


Reading and writing for sure. Country music is the best. My pitbull: Sheena <3


Looking for a Vet Clinic to work at !

It’s a trap!
— Admiral Ackbar