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About HarshLynx

There's not much to tell honestly. I'm in highschool and an only child. I'm currently single, last relationship didn't end well. The most interesting thing about me has to do with my writing. I got started about six years ago. I emailed an author I liked and asked if they were going to write a sequel series to the one they had written. They said no, but asked if I ever thought about writing. And ever since I've been mostly self teaching myself to write with an odd class here and there. My stories tend to be centered around fantasy and realistic fiction. My reading interests are pretty much the same. Every once in a while I do dabble with poetry but it's usually depressing and has gotten me sent to the counselors office at my school before so I tend to avoid it.


Reading, writing, running, cooking, singing, and watching nerd shows.


Stressed student

A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure.
— Unknown