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About Me

Melissa Nicole Yawn.
20 years old.
Girlfriend to the most wonderful, loving man in the world.
Step-mommy to two young step-sons, CJ (5) and Derrick (4).
Administrative assistant and writer.

A few random facts:
-I have three tattoos thus far, and will be getting more.
-I own a '97 Jeep Wrangler Sport.
-I need to learn how to cook. Badly. (I started a fire in the kitchen of my old apartment three different times within a period of seven months. No, it was not on purpose.)



Writing, reading, swimming, mudding, movies, cleaning/organizing, coupons, quotes, tattoos, spending time with my kids


Administrative Assistant/Writer

In the winter months, snowstorms and rainfall in the Patagonian Ice Fields can drastically affect the landscape. Worsened by heavy winds, such storms can reduce visibility and lead to glacial calving, ice collapses, and avalanches. During these conditions, travel is not advised.
— The Documentarian