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WARNING: Elf in training

Hello everyone! :D I'm EvangelineFire, but you can call me Evie for short.

A little bit about me: I'm a writer, Gryffindor, reader, and music lover, particularly Adele, Zara Larsson, and Adam Levine. My crush is Orlando Bloom, but Johnny Depp and Lee Pace are up there too. ;)

I've been writing for five years and finished my first manuscript in 2014. I write strictly fantasy, normally with a romantic subplot, and love having some sort of tragedy happen. (Don't judge me, for some reason I've always loved stories where heartbreaking tragedy occurs, even in movies and games. If it makes me depressed or cry, then it's good.)

My favorite books are Mistborn, Elfhunter, Harry Potter, and LotR. Start a conversation with me on any of those and you can't get me to shut up. xD

So, there you go, about me!


Writing • Reading • Movies • Elves • Video Games • Legolas


Aspiring author.

Attention is the beginning of devotion.
— Mary Oliver, Upstream