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About Deniisia

Well My Name Is Deniisia But I Prefer Leona So Call Me Either One. I Love To Listen to Music and Read Books. I Also like to do this crafting thing called lane yard (A.K.A- Boondoggle, lane yard, string, scoubidou etc.) If you know it feel free to ask me to make video tutorials On How to Make Some. I Sometimes do track but I can't run all the time because I have asthema and you know that can kill. I also play this online game called IMVU. I have Oovoo, Skype, FB, And another Writing Website Called Quotev. It's Cool But Not Better Than This Website. Anyways Enough Bout Me. Just Message Me If You'd Like!!


Tennis, Kush, Books, Music, Liq.

He wanted his bottle and I didn't want to give him his bottle yet.
— Jack Hanna