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I'm Chupatoasta... or Cori as some might call me. I play softball, basketball, and volleyball, with the occasional football with the guys when they're not practicing their butts off. I play the piano, the sax, and I'm a beginner guitar player. My main genre is fantasy, mixed with a little romance. I'm 14, and I'm in 9th grade at Niceville High. I like all kinds of music, except rap... I prefer a music genre that some may call emo or alternative but, w/e. I'm a freak and I think toast with one day rule this earth! Peace out! (\/)O.O(\/) <--- It's Zoidburg


Softball, Writing, Reading, Basketball, Lacrosse, Animals


9th Grade, leadership committee, aaand Color Guard-er xD

You have light and peace inside you. If you let it out, you can change the world around you.
— Uncle Iroh, Avatar the Last Airbender