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About Chris Dixon

Hi readers who is reading this biography! You can call me Chris, or whatever your thoughts comes to.

I started writing when I was about three. I'm not really a professional writer. But I've been writing poems, and book for quite long. I've been reading other authors books, and writing my own books. And I think it really fits me well.

I didn't really knew I love to write and read. I just thought that it was part of me. And it was a thing I always did, like drinking water.

I was and is kind of mature for my age. People might think I'm strange, or weird. But you know everyone is different and beautiful in their own way.

My favorite books
A wrinkle in time
The thief Lord
Wilder king trilogy
Lord of the rings
Where the forest meets
The guardians
Fatal system error
Honor bound
Red wall
When you reach me
The story of science
The case of the missing mangroves
Yours truly
Heart of Samurai
The traitor's gate
Moon over manifest
Navigating early
Sherlock Holmes
Up rooted
River of the sky
Crime and punishment
Neptune Project
Travel team
The homes of die drear
The plague
Sword and pen
Flash fiction
Pictures of Hollis wood


Reading, writing, researching, drawing. Science, math, programs, animation etc. And anything that has to do with sports.


Student in HIS

"When a body moves, it's the most revealing thing. Dance for me a minute, and I'll tell you who you are."
— Mikhail Baryshnikov