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Hello! It's kind of funny meeting you in a writing without knowing you. Since you came to see my bio let's see it.

I'm a short story writer of mystery/suspense. And am currently trying to write a crime novel. A poet, too.

As you probably already know I am barely capable of finishing a story. And so you should be aware of that and tense switching back and forth when you are reading my stories. I'm not good at writing clearly so you should also understand that, or you could just complain in the review but that doesn't really change anything so. I'm kind of awkward sometimes when I'm doing multi stuff. When I'm typing here in the biography listening to music and checking my email and learning Spanish in Duolingo. I can do all of them but I'm not really good multi-tasker if one of the things I'm doing has to do with people and talking to them.

I love to write and read l, as literally everyone on YWS.

I'm currently reading, Left Behind Series in the kid version, Neptune Promise, Theodore Boon kid lawyer, The Hero of the Ages, Countdown by Jack Kardiac, and a lot of books.

My favorite authors are more than I can name but one of my favorite authors of thriller is Jack Kardiac. He is a short story writer and you can learn more about him at ... ck_Kardiac and

That's it I think. You can always PM me if you are interested in what I am reading or just want to chat.

Btw, I am a huge fan of animes.


Flying across what universe with my imaginations....



How can I be king of the world? Because I am king of rubbish. And rubbish is what the world is made of.
— Kate DiCamillo, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane