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What can I say about me?

I suppose I'll say something: In a world of war the most dangerous weapon is a pacifist.

There we go; deep comment out of the way. Do with it what you will!

My favorite car is the one, the only Audi Ur Quattro in RED!!!
I love it and, one day, I hope to own one.

I get inspired by a lot of things. Life, death, war, peace. A lot of things...

If there was one thing I could do if it was the end of the world today it would be... No. I don't know.

So I'll finish with a movie quote.
Gold star to anyone who can guess where it's from.

--End of Line--


I've got a variety of interests. I like to read and write a lot. I particularly like to read crime fiction, mysteries and action/adventure. I like poetry if it's good enough.


Blowing the minds of human beings everywhere

The moral of Snow White is never eat apples.
— Lemony Snicket