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About Buranko

Hi there random person reading this. I am Buranko and this is something about who I am and how I behave.
I am a huge poetry fan, but prose isn't something i hate at all. My first love was prose after all, and it's still there. However poetry is just that thing that is missing from a novel, essay, article etc. It's the deep insight in one certain idea and the freedom to believe whatever your mind can comprehend. Poems just have that feeling around them that allows you as a reader to use the guidelines given to you and create your own images.
That is what I aim to achieve when reviewing a poem. I don't really care about the mechanical stuff like punctuation, grammar, even though I know they are pretty important. Instead I focus on the message and effect it has on my own thinking. I filter the poem through the prysm of my own thinking.
Then I try to express as accurately as possible what I felt during the reading of that specific poem and what I would think the meaning would be. I would love if the author would reply to my review and tell me if I am close to the original idea and if I approached his point of view.

Other than that I joined this site as a mean to write daily poetry, to finally give some meaning to my lazing around. I am a massive league of legends fan and minecraft too.


Poetry, piano, drawing of all sorts, fantasy, realistic, essays, anime, chess, tea.


Aspiring artist, student and delivery guy for ideas and feelings

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