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  • Hey guys, Broady here. Just thought I should give an update on how I'm doing so far. So I'm currently in my final year of high school and we have our final exams (aka university entrance exams, aka A Levels) coming up in November and whoa, it's just really hectic these days and it will be worse as the months go by.

    So yea that's why I haven't been around much and I hope after my finals when I have more free time, I'll also regain my motivation to write because I haven't exactly been writing much too, apart from participating in a writing competition (still in the process of completing my works tho).

    Alright, I gtg, I wish you a great day ahead, from whichever part of the world you're at!! :)

    IcyFlame glad you're doing ok, and wishing you luck for your exams!
    May 23, 2023

    Liminality Best of luck for those exams!
    May 23, 2023

  • Is it just me or is there not many people online on YWS these days? :(

    Hkumar I guess it's just that less people are active at this time of the day bcos of time zone differences.
    Aug 28, 2022

    PaigeFantasy i mean it was 3 am for me when you posted this

    but yeah not as many are active, perhaps because of the school year.

    Aug 28, 2022

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  • Update: I'm not dead!

    Things have been quite hectic though, with tests and projects all surrounding me like a horde of zombies. And procrastination isn't helping at all XD

    Will be spending more time posting blogs and new chapters of stories here though in the future, when I have the time. See ya around, and hope you have a great day ahead!

  • I guess I'm back after a really long break. I'll probably be uploading some short stories I've already written part-by-part, but I guess I won't be as active as I'd love to be since school is starting tomorrow :(

    Quillfeather Welcome back! Can't wait to read those storys!
    Feb 5, 2022

    Broady771 Thank you!! :D
    Feb 5, 2022

  • Quillfeather
    Oct 6, 2021

    Congrats on the star!!!!

  • Congrats on your first review star! ⭐

  • Congrats on that first review star!!

  • I won't be active as much and won't be posting as much, mainly cos exams have begun, and next week is going to be a really busy week. But I'll be back!

  • It's currently the end of the term break for me, and once the school term resumes, I'll be dealing with many of my exams so I won't be online as much. I guess I can say now is the calm before the storm for me since exams are 2 weeks away XD

  • Just wanna say that it's September 11 today (at least in my country) so it's been 20 years since the attacks in 2001. Even though I'm not an American, and I wasn't even born when the attacks happened, watching those videos on YouTube when the attacks took place is just heartbreaking. I mean, the fact that you can watch an airplane fly into a building and killing hundreds of people instantly is just unbelievable and really scary. Anyways, rest in peace to those who perished because of the attacks, and stay safe everyone! (Covid is still out there!)

  • Hey there, welcome to Y.W.S, thanks for the follow <3

  • Quillfeather
    Sep 9, 2021

    Welcome to yws! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

  • AilahEvelynMae
    Sep 9, 2021

    Welcome Broady! Its so nice to have you here! welcome yo YWS :D

  • Hi there Broady, welcome to YWS!

    I'm whatchamacallit, but you can also call me whatcha! I'd be glad to answer any questions you have about the site. Any other global moderators, as well as junior moderators and admin are here to help and answer questions, too.

    These are some handy links you might find helpful with getting started on the site:
    - The Welcome Mat is a great place to get information about the website. You can check out the FAQ thread, or create a post in the Questions and answers forum.
    - The rules thread is good to check out, so you know what's allowed on the site!
    - The Big Book of YWS Codes has everything you need to know about ~formatting~.

    I also saw you were wondering how to start posting works - publishing a work through the publishing centre (which can be accessed through the top bar on the page) costs 200 points. Everyone starts out with that many points, which means you can publish one right away! After that, you can earn points by reviewing other people's works (which you can access through the "All Literary" tab).

    If you're unsure where to start when it comes to reviewing, the Critique Sandwich and Review templates are really useful resources! I also find Reviewing Writers More Skilled Than You to be super helpful.

    I hope that all makes sense! Again, if you have any questions about reviewing, I'd be glad to help you out!

    Since this is a writer's site, what are your favourite genres to read/write? I personally stick to poetry, and the angstier the better :)

    Hope to see you around <3


    Broady771 Thanks man, I appreciate the help! :D
    Sep 7, 2021

    Hijinks Of course! Glad to be of help :)
    Sep 7, 2021

  • Currently new here, not too sure how the system here works so it would be appreciated if you have any tips or recommendations on how I can start posting my works here!

    winterwolf0100 Hey, Broady! I’m one of the Junior Monitors for YWS, and I’m psyched to see you’re interested in getting into things! I’m about to go to bed, but I’d suggest for now just shifting your way through some of the Welcome forums, and I’ll hop by in the morning to leave some more helpful information than that! Welcome, and we’re glad to have you!

    Sep 7, 2021

    Broady771 Thanks man :D
    Sep 7, 2021

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