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Hello! To the amazing person who is reading my exquisite memoir(I know intimidating right). So on a warm and beautiful July morning a baby girl was born to a respectable family residing in the heart of The Kingdom of Paraecellens . The baby was a picture of beauty and innocence…..Woah…I got a bit distracted there but the innocence part woke up .I am just a normal teenager in a normal world doing abnormal stuff. I am a proud citizen of Paraecellens and an even prouder Muslim. I am an only child*crying*so I tend to get lonely and maybe a teensy bit of spoiled JK. To compensate this I own a lot of adorable animals and plants. According to me I am pretty social, over sensitive, pacifist, cool (that’s right), fun loving, artistic (love painting and drawing), lazy, sarcastic, over confident, chatter box and cheeky (bad ones according to my mom).My folks are awesome and I love them to the moon and back. I absolutely love writing stories and riding on the wings of imagination that can take you anywhere in the universe. I hope to become a kind and skillful doctor (adore biology)but most of all a great human being bcz that’s what matters the most in the end. Thanks for stopping by. Now i know this is not actually a memoir but bruh Who cares!! Have a gr8 Day XD


I have bazillion interests the most notable of which is that I am absolutely bonkers about books. I am a total book leech(cuz why not).With book reading comes a natural passion of writing(SURPRISE).I enjoy almost all genres.Other than that I enjoy watching lots of movies. In sports I like football and swimming. I also like to travel .I love making new friends and meeting people from different cultures. Music is my life. In studies i love bio,maths,chem and ofcourse Literature  


Student,Queen of The Daydreaming Realm

Between living and dreaming there is a third thing. Guess it.
— Antonio Machado