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The Ari Facts

Welcome to my biography!

I was born on a summer New Hampshire morning , and right away, I had already failed birth -___- What that means is that I was dead when I was born. I wasn't breathing for 5-10 minutes. In normal cases, this would cause a baby to either die or have serious brain damage. Luckily, God intervened and I walked away untouched. Anyway, from that point until I was about 3, I seemed like a pretty normal kid. Aside from the fact that I was constantly getting kicked out of every daycare that I went to. By that point, everyone started to suspect that I had Autism. Therefore, I spent a year going to a child psychologist who gave me a diagnosis of ADHD. I was put on Guanficine and Prozac -which I still take to this day- following the diagnosis. Now, It wasn't until 6th grade that I had finally got the official diagnosis for Autism. But by that time, I had also developed Depression and Anxiety from constant bullying. Let me tell you, Autism, Depression, and Anxiety DO NOT make a good combination. Now, going into junior high -7th grade in my town- I thought everything would be better in a different school. WRONG. As soon as my Autism started to show through my "mask", they immediately sent me across the street to the Academy. The Academy is a separate building/school from where the "normal kids" go. However, I met this man named Jon at the academy who could hear the voice of God. He would tell me stories of the cool experiences he had with God (My favorite of which is when his football team was praying for his leg and it grew out right before their eyes!) and it got me curious even though I was agnostic and "pansexual" at the time. I remember saying how I could never hear the voice of God myself. Then God started telling me things that would happen in the future and it would blow my mind when they did. I remember when Jesus saved me; It was a January afternoon in 2017 and I was watching Son Of God on Netflix because I knew nothing about the Bible. When it got to the part where Jesus was being horribly beaten and eventually killed, I was just sobbing and praying, saying things like "I don't deserve you" and "I am so sorry that I did that to you". Now, about 10-20 minuets after the movie ended, I stopped crying. Something was different, my depression was gone! I knew then and there that I had just been saved and that I would be Jesus's servant and child forever. Then I was praying again telling Jesus how I would be his and that he can take over. I felt his love just wash over me, when you first feel the weight of his love, you will never be the same. It crushes you -in a good way- Today, I walk in Christ and will never walk out. I will love him forever.

Thanks for reading! Sorry if my writing is a little off, I was trying to get this done quickly. If you want to know more, just ask!

Until The End
- Ari


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You can't blame the writer for what the characters say.
— Truman Capote