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"There are heros. There are always heros. And all of them have beginnings." -The Watcher

I'm a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda! I love owls, and I like Guardians of Ga'Hoole.

I mostly write action/adventure fantasy stuff that mostly takes place in Medieval times.

I have aspergers and ADHD which is why I'm not very specific about things(I try to), and I'm not awesome at emotions.

I have a VERY annoying little brother named Ethan, who thinks he is smarter than me :(

You can use the pronouns he/him or any pronouns if you want. I don't mind.


Art, writing, gaming, adventure, epic things, inspirational things, animation, space, aliens.



Too often we crave the extraordinary in life, without even learning how to cherish the ordinary first. Friend, I promise you this: if you can learn to take joy in the simple mundane things in life, the extraordinary will take care of itself, it'll be on its way, hurrying towards you. But if you skip the first part, it'll ever evade you.
— Arcticus