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  • Mageheart
    Mar 17, 2019

    Hello and welcome to YWS! I'm Mage. Feel free to come to me if you ever have any questions about YWS. <3 If I'm ever not on, junior moderators, global moderators and admins definitely would be able to help you out with any questions or concerns you have, and your fellow members would be happy to help as well.

    Before you get settled in, you might want to swing by the rules thread to see what's allowed on the site, and the FAQ thread to figure out how the site works. It explains a lot about the basics of the site, like how to post your works and how to get points. It was really useful to me back when I first joined the site, so hopefully it'll be just as useful for you.

    There's also a really cool part of the site that I suggest checking out! It's called the Storybook section of the site, and it's a place where you can collaborate with other writers in roleplays or even full-blown stories. I've been in a lot of them before, so please don't be afraid to ask me more about them if that seems like something you'd be into.

    I hope you enjoy your time on YWS! <3


  • Abbycat3802
    Mar 15, 2019

    I'm waiting for someone to notice me, not just here, but in real life too.

    Teddybear Waiting to be noticed is futile, make them notice. And I'm not saying that you should go against your whole personality with some grand attention-grabbing display. Get their attention and do it your way, maybe that's just giving someone a smile one day, or joining a real-life group of like-minded individuals. I know that either of those could sound way more like daunting tasks then seems warranted, but a little jump could grant a very large reward. Take it from the exhausted introvert who made the jump from homeschool to project-based learning who went, with the leap, from two friends (my big sis and a boy I've known longer than I can remember) to five friends, my big sis, a date mate, and a much healthier approach to social situations (comparatively).
    Mar 15, 2019

It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and THEN do your best.
— W. Edwards Deming