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  • yo happy cake day :) haven't seen you in a while :\

  • Brain: hey, here’s an idea, you should go start writing it, fleshing out the characters, finding cool scenes for the plot, possibilities for a sequel, the whole shazam!

    Me: what about the other 7367 ideas you’ve already given me that I haven’t finished?

    Brain: ...

    Me: ok then!

  • anyone else think his hair looks like 2minute noodles?


    yoshi RAMEN!!!!!!!!!!!
    May 16, 2021

    LittleLee omg yes

    I have a friend with hair like that

    May 31, 2021

  • Other people here have read six of crows, right?

    Because I haven’t seen a single one of it’s awesome quotes in the generator and can’t help but feel a little sad.

  • I wrote a thing.
    I didn't know what to do with it so I thought I would just put it here...
    So long had the man, his mind both material and immaterial to this world, pondered his existence.

    So long had the man, eyes downcast, picked at the Earth, wondered at its children of green leaves and animals alien to himself – his brothers.

    So long had the man toiled to answer questions, but only to yield further fields of uncertainty from his work.

    So long had the man being buried, a new mound of dirt added each time it was believed to be the last.

    So long had the man struggled, or that is how it felt.

    So long time does stretch.

    So short had the man known.

    Love What did the woman do? 🙂
    Apr 6, 2021

    QuoolQuo Stay inside and drink tea like a sensible person : )
    Apr 6, 2021

  • I need motivation, can someone please motivate me?

    Random avatar
    deleted32 I'd be happy too, just shoot me a PM! My rants tend to get lengthy and I don't want to take up the entire reply section iamo.
    Mar 13, 2021

  • I think I managed to achieve one of my goals for the year in becoming an amateur expert on the Byzantium Empire (though everything starts to go fuzzy after Justinian)... so yeah

    If anyone ever has a question on the Byzantine Empire I happen to hold one or two trivia facts that might help

  • ~Happy Australia Day~

  • Happy cake day!!!

    QuoolQuo Why thank you *eats cake*
    Jan 21, 2021

  • Happy cake day! I can't believe you've only been on the site for a year - it feels like you've been here much longer. <3

    QuoolQuo Ahhh, cake day, I understand it now. I thought everyone was just excited about cake :)
    Jan 20, 2021

    yoshi hahahah that's what i thought too lol
    Jan 21, 2021

  • Happy cake day!! <3

    QuoolQuo You too! Cake is certainly one of the greatest natural wonders of life
    Jan 20, 2021

  • my my my, three short stories in a short span of time? That's new.

    Song of a Muse (revised)

  • My very odd and underdeveloped idea :)

    Murder Party

  • Ooh, nice new username!

    QuoolQuo Why thank you :)
    Dec 31, 2020

  • Hiya, might I enquire I if there are any Agatha Christie fans in the room (or murder mysteries in general)?

    Because I have an idea I would like to share

I think the more you understand myths, the more you understand the roots of our culture and the more things will resonate.
— Rick Riordan