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The Princess's Wardrobe

Mé Féin

I'm Stella. I've been on YWS since 2007, I've been a member of the Fiction Crew since 2009 and a GM since this year!

I'm 21, I live in Ireland, and I am studying to be a doctor.

I'm a real girly girl, I love dresses and shoes and talking about boys. I also really really really love fairytales and their retellings.

If you ever need to find me on YWS, I'll be in Novels reviewing, sometimes in Storybooks and often in Chat. Feel free to talk to me anytime!

There used to be a space in my name. It was stolen by a member called renesmee365.


crochet, shopping, Jane Austen, Harry Potter, John Green, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Avatar, The Vampire Diaries, Audrey Hepburn, The Wizard of Oz, fairytales


junior moderator, babysitter, sometime waitress and student